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Data Controller

A data controller is a company or an individual that decides on how to collect, process and use data in compliance with internet privacy laws and regulations.

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Who or what is a data controller?

If your company determines how data is collected and processed and for what it is used - your company is the data controller. A data controller can be an individual within a company, a company itself or a self-employed individual. A controller has overall control over the consumer data (e.g. collected from website visitors) and the power to decide how it will be collected and processed.

Joint controllers

If more than one individual or more than a single company together decides on the ways of collecting and processing personal data for the same purpose they become joint controllers. Keep in mind that if two entities collect and use data for different purposes they are not joint controllers, they are two separate data controllers.

What are the responsibilities of Data Controllers?

Apart from deciding how to collect, process and use customer data, data controllers are responsible for complying with laws and regulations on data privacy, that includes ePrivacy Directive and GDPR. In addition, as a data controller you must be able to provide evidence that you are, in fact, compliant with all laws and regulations. It is not simply enough to have the best intentions in mind when collecting and processing customer data, the controller must be able to prove his best intentions.

Data controllers have both authority and responsibility over customer data. It is not an easy task to keep track of new regulations and laws, but it is essential that data controllers do so. If you are looking for guidance and want to take delegate responsibility, we would be thrilled to help you.

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