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Data processor

Data processor is responsible for processing consumer data in accordance with the data controller’s instructions.

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What is a Data Processor?

A data processor can be either a company or an individual that takes care of processing data for the data controller. A data processor works under the controller and is expected to handle data according to the controller’s instructions and decisions. That is not to say, that the processor cannot make decisions independently. Usually the processor makes small decisions about the processing of customer data (e.g. from website visitors) on a daily basis, however, is expected to work in accordance with the given controllers’s instructions.

What are the obligations of a Data Processor?

Processor is expected to stay in line with the data controller’s decisions, since the processor works on behalf of the controller. If the processor decides to change (or does not have direct instructions about) the processing and/or the purpose of use of the consumer data he becomes the controller, meaning he becomes responsible and accountable for the compliance of the data processes with GDPR and ePrivacy Directives.


A data sub-processor is an entity that has been granted the authority to partially process certain data for another processor. This can happen if the sub-processor has certain skills, programmes or time to process data more efficiently than the processor.

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