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Inspiring legal is an Openli podcast hosted by Stine Mangor Tornmark, who journeys through the in-house legal landscape of today. With influential GCs, top C-level executives and other fascinating guests, Inspiring Legal is your weekly dose of everything legal, career and life lessons.

Episode 13: Lawyers and entrepreneurship

Why aren't lawyers encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship? The typical founder of a startup does not have a legal background. Today, we ask: well, why not?

Episode 12: People and compliance. With Martin Lønstrup, VP and Head of Group Compliance at Sandvik

"Get out there and meet the people", Martin Lønstrup, the VP and Head of Group Compliance at Sandvik, says. In this episode of Inspiring Legal, Stine & Martin discuss the importance of the people that make up the business, its operations, and its level of compliance.

Episode 11: Interview with Shanti Ariker, GC & Chief Privacy Officer at Zendesk

How do you build that business-savvy legal team? In this episode, Stine teams up with Shanti Ariker, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Zendesk, to learn just how she did that and the impact it had on the team and the company.

Episode 10: How to create a business-savvy legal team

Working in-house means understanding and taking business needs into account. So far so good, but how do you get there? How do you get the understanding needed to be offered a seat at the decision table? How can you use that understanding to help your company even more? Press play to find out.

Episode 9: Interview with William Wade, Global VP at Sitecore

Welcome back! We hope you've all had a wonderful season. In this first episode of 2023, we've invited Global Vice President at Sitecore, William Hart Wade, to the Inspiring Legal studio to chat about his journey from NY's legal scene to Copenhagen's ditto. William and Stine discuss Sitecore's unique approach to in-house Legal, its effects, and the ambitions for the future. Thank you for listening.

Special Episode: New year, new... Legal? Featuring our producer Daniel

It's the 20th of December, and the holidays are right around the corner. You might already be having yours, and if so, enjoy. Recording this episode we decided to make it into a special one. We look back at the waning year - and we look forward to the new one. What will be on in-house legal's plate next year? And what was on the plate in 2022? Join host Stine and producer Daniel as they discuss learnings and lessons from the previous year. Happy holidays and happy New Year from all of us - see you in the next one.

Episode 8: Branding in-house legal with Laura Greenberg of Worksome

Meet Laura Jeffords Greenberg, the Senior Director of Legal and Compliance at Worksome. Not only is Laura heading up Legal in one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark, she's also an ambassador for optimising legal teams. And today, we're talking optimisation - by defining in-house Legal's brand and purpose.

Episode 7: Getting started with privacy

Privacy. What's the deal, and how do you deal with it? How do you get buy-in from the top? What's the best approach when implementing it? We'll discuss that in this episode of Inspiring Legal.

Episode 6: Rob Chesnut on integrity and the ethical revolution

Why are ethics important for a company? And how do you start working with ethics? Following up on our Special Episode Twitter chat, ex-Airbnb GC and best-selling author Rob Chesnut is back in the studio to spoil us with his insights. This time, we're talking about how companies can benefit from prioritising ethics, and Rob shares his own experience from some of the big companies he's worked at.

Episode 5: Trust & integrity

How do you start working with ethics? And to what end? Last week, Stine was joined for a special episode by best-selling author and ex- Airbnb GC Rob Chesnut. It went so well that we scheduled another interview with Rob, where we'll be talking about - you guessed it - trust and integrity. That's next week. Leading up to this, Stine today talks about her own experience with trust and safety. Thanks for listening!

Special episode: Let's talk about Twitter - with Rob Chesnut, former GC of Airbnb

Rob Chesnut, ex-GC and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb, gives his take on the current situation at Twitter in this one-on-one with Stine Tornmark.

Episode 4: Interview with Jessica Zwaan, COO of Whereby

Welcome to this week's episode of Inspiring Legal, where Stine is joined by Whereby COO Jessica Zwaan on a call from New York. Jessica & Stine talks about how to scale and maintain a successful team, as well as Jessica's journey from legal to operations.

Episode 3: Recruiting for in-house legal

What should I look for when hiring for in-house legal? Join Stine as she gets into the subject of recruiting the right people for the right job.

Episode 2: The value of in-house legal

How do I get management to see the value I bring to the table? In episode 2 of Inspiring Legal, Stine dives into this common in-house issue.

Episode 1: The past, the present and what's on the horizon

In this first episode, Stine breaks down her vision for the podcast as well as her path from fresh-out-of-school lawyer to CEO of Openli.

Introducing Inspiring Legal

Welcome to Inspiring Legal, the brand-new podcast that covers everything in-house legal. Your host is Stine Mangor Tornmark, lawyer and CEO of Openli.