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Head of Legal

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ContractBook aims to make data and contracts more accessible, empowering teams to build better and more future-proof contracts. Or, as Line frames it, it's “a vision to create a new era of contracts”.

In this Customer Conversation, Line shares how she and the legal team at ContractBook use Openli to scale their privacy efforts - to the benefit of the whole organisation.

“I like challenges, but I must admit I was very happy to see that ContractBook had already implemented Openli.”

Head of Legal
Line Rener Nyeland
Head of Legal
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  • ContractBook is a Danish-founded LegalTech SaaS
  • Product: end-to-end contract management tool
  • 120+ employees
  • Copenhagen-based

No time for stalling

Coming from one of the big law firms in Copenhagen, Line hadn’t worked with privacy before. But now, as Head of Legal, privacy and data concerns take up space on her already crowded desk. 

“When I joined ContractBook as Head of Legal, I naturally also took over data and privacy issues”, Line says. 

As a law professional, she relished the challenge but was nonetheless happy to see that Openli was already implemented at ContractBook. 

“If every request meant I would have to find the information in an Excel sheet or a folder somewhere, it would take a lot of time. And we want to close deals fast”, she states.  


”If we have a customer asking about a sub-processor it’s very easy for me to just go and download the Privacy Profile. We actually use that quite a lot.”

Head of Legal
Line Rener Nyeland
Head of Legal

More time for high-value tasks

Openli has been a significant benefit to ContractBook in managing daily data and privacy issues. Line appreciates how the intuitive nature of the Privacy Hub enables her to focus on the bigger picture, instead of getting bogged down with specifics.

“Openli is a very big help with the more low-practical work, allowing me to focus more on other legal tasks”, as Line explains it.  

Now, with a flexible and largely automated approach to privacy management, it’s become easier for ContractBook to adapt to new regulations. Not to mention the fact that Line’s team is now helping Sales close deals faster by streamlining the whole process with quick report generation and sharing.

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