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"We've saved an enormous amount of time"

General Counsel

Kasper Heine


General Counsel

Improved privacy compliance

Streamlined vendor management

Internal resources set free

The road to compliance

In this Customer Conversation, we sit down with Kasper Heine, General Counsel of Too Good To Go.

Kasper is responsible for both legal and public affairs across all of the 17 countries the company operates in. He is also part of the Openli board.

Kasper talks about his experience using Openli Privacy Hub, about how it has saved them a lot of internal resources in their compliance efforts, and about how they might not have been able to start if not for Openli.

See the video for the full conversation, or read on for the short version.

"There are a lot of things that we need to do in terms of compliance with personal data regulation, and Openli made it possible for us to kickstart that"

General Counsel
Kasper Heine
General Counsel
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A growing need for scalable efforts

Since Kasper joined Too Good To Go, the company has only continued to grow. As it did, Kasper and the legal team found that privacy compliance and managing vendors became a significant challenge. Kasper explains, "It's quite a thing to work in a company with 1300 employees, having a lot of vendors. I'm not even sure we have a full overview today of all our vendors, but I think we are getting there."

As Too Good To Go process a lot of personal information, and as a privacy-minded organisation, it was always important for Kasper and top-level management to pursue proper handling of data. Something made feasible after onboarding Openli Privacy Hub.

Too Good To Go

"The more vendors you have, the more natural it is to start using Openli. You get to a good compliance level, and you get to that level easily. So you can spend your internal resources on something else.”

General Counsel
Kasper Heine
General Counsel

A string of benefits

One of the key benefits of Openly is its ease of use, as Kasper explains it.

"One of the things that we really appreciate about Openli is the ease with which you approach it. It was easy for us to start."

The Privacy Hub allows Too Good To Go to maintain its level of compliance, even as they continue to onboard new vendors. They just upload any changes in the platform, and Openli takes it from there. Kasper also notes that their risk profile is more attractive now, making them a more attractive business partner in turn.

All while saving time and resources on their privacy efforts.

Kasper concludes; "we've saved an enormous amount of time. So in terms of internal resources, we spend way less than we would otherwise have had to spend on this."

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