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Legal Operations

Increase privacy, reduce workload

Get the GDPR information from your vendors with minimum effort. Our Privacy Hub automatically collects the information from your vendors and populates it into tangible insights to speed up sales processes.

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Used by hundreds of Legal Counsels and LegalOps in companies like:

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Avoid manual vetting

We vet your vendors for you

No more manual vendor vetting. Get the insights and data you need to retain hands-on control and get peace of mind.

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Record of processing activities

Get your Record of Processing Activities

Build RoPA in minutes

With the data from your vendors, you can build your Record of Processing Activities in minutes. It's all gathered for you in the Privacy Hub.

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"We have a much better overview and it's much more structured. We have everything in one place, and we get a lot of assistance with keeping track of any new DPAs and such"

Learn how Adway used Openli Privacy Hub to scale their legal efforts and organization-wide workflows at a running pace.

Helena Brandt

Helena Brandt
Head of Legal

Support your business

Close deals faster

With the data collected by Openli, you have the required information for your sales processes at hand. Enhance Legal Operations and make it an integrated part of the sales process.

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"Openli eases our way of staying compliant by providing an easy, transparent and proactive portal which allows us to track and push our vendors for necessary security and compliance documents."

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Erlend Brekke, Legal Counsel

Data processors

Full vendor overview

A single source of truth

With Openli's easy-to-implement and ready to use privacy platform, you get full overview of all your data processors without the actual task of collecting the information. No more wasting time.

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