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Founder & CEO

Yann A. Skaalen


Founder & CEO

Increased privacy compliance

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Privacy first and second

Meet Yann, the CEO and founder of Digtective.

Digtective is a tracking and optimization tool based out of Northern Europe. Working in a highly regulated field, and with some very big players in that field, Digtective knew from the start that privacy compliance for them is mandatory.

Check out how Digtective scaled their day-to-day and elevated their compliance efforts with Openli Privacy Hub.

"Working with privacy ourselves, we have to make sure that we do things by the book"

Founder & CEO
Yann A. Skaalen
Founder & CEO
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  • Digtective is a Norwegian-founded AdTech SaaS
  • Product: A platform that optimizes your ad spend with cookieless tracking
  • 5+ employees
  • Based out of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Romania

No room for data leaks

Privacy has become a major factor in both the public's eye and for organizations around the world. So, when Digtective took off a few years ago, Yann and his team knew that they had to prioritize privacy highly.

"We're privacy first. When we track incoming ads and their conversions, we don't take in personal information," Yann says. If you ask us, putting privacy first is always the right thing do to. It's also almost never the easy route if you don't get help.

Yann states that "we used to spend a lot on external lawyers for documentation and such, but we had no system in place for our vendors - which is a huge manual task."

Before using Openli, Digtective used to vet and manage their vendors manually. But that all changed when they started using Openli Privacy Hub.


"I work with highly regulated companies that would like to see how we're also compliant. Now I can just share our Privacy Profile with them."

Founder & CEO
Yann A. Skaalen
Founder & CEO

Complexity turns to simplicity

"If you're not compliant, your customers will know and they will complain," Yann says about the niche he and his customers occupy.

When Digtective onboarded Openli, it happened in the wake of a cookie-challenge they encountered; "We thought we were good to go, but it turned out that a cookie was set before the cookie banner was approved," Yann says. So they discovered Openli, and once the cookie-challenge was dealt with, turned to automated vendor management, too.

These days, most of Digtective's privacy efforts are handled through the Privacy Hub. That means the small but talented team can spend their time scaling their business instead.

Yann puts it this way; "To me, having control and overview of all my vendors is key. Vendor management is a big manual job to do."

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