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Lars Grønnegaard



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Meet Dreamdata, the Copenhagen-based startup redefining B2B marketing data - by helping B2B companies figure out how their marketing and sales work together to create revenue.

In this conversation, you'll meet Lars Grønnegaard, the CEO and co-founder of Dreamdata.

Being a fairly small team, Lars owns compliance and privacy internally; "At one end, we are a growth-stage company, so fundraising is important for us. And at the other end, I handle a lot of work related to privacy and the legal side of the business."

Work that takes up a lot of valuable time for an ambitious and fast-moving company. Read on to find out how Dreamdata manages just that with the help of Openli Privacy Hub.

"Compliance can be very complicated, especially for a young company like ours"

Lars Grønnegaard
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  • Dreamdata is a Danish-founded MarTech company
  • Product: Dreamdata connects your marketing and sales with data
  • 40+ employees
  • Based in Copenhagen

The complexities of digital privacy

Before onboarding Openli Privacy Hub, Dreamdata had to navigate the sea of data privacy on its own. "We started the company four years ago, and from the beginning, we knew that privacy was going to be an important factor for us," Lars says.

Dreamdata cares a lot about its handling of data and information. Lars states that "back when we started we did our best to follow GDPR-rules."

The thing is, that doing so in a compliant way is an uphill endeavor. One that only gets steeper the smaller your team and the more data you handle.

And Dreamdata handles a lot of data. "We handle a lot of data for our customers, also data that we should be very careful about. Personally sensitive data. So we knew from the get-go that we had to be very careful around that," Lars says.


"Since implementing Openli, we've been able to focus on growing our business without worrying about data privacy. The platform takes care of all the compliance for us, which is a huge relief."

Lars Grønnegaard

Found relief in automation

Since Dreamdata started managing privacy through Openli Privacy Hub, they've seen a real decrease in hours spent navigating compliance regulations. As well as hours spent bent over spreadsheets and communicating with third-party vendors.

"What's really complicated is to follow all the rules, and with Openli we have a much better overview of what we need to do to be compliant," Lars says. Now that its privacy management is on autopilot, Dreamdata has freed up time for scaling the business, as well as fulfilling its devotion to the handling of sensitive information.

Lars puts it like this: "I think data privacy will continue to be a major concern for companies in the future. It's important for us to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and ensure that we're doing everything we can to protect our customers' sensitive information."

Here at Openli we're pleased to be able to help with that.

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