Hello privacy.

Goodbye admin

Goodbye GDPR concerns

Goodbye complexity

Goodbye manual work

Goodbye workload

Elevate your compliance with Openli: the resource-saving plug-and-play tool
that manages data processors and creates your RoPA for you.

Hassle-free privacy platform

We help you manage everything from third-party vendors to your Record of Processing Activities.

Record of Processing Activities
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Increase your  
privacy compliance

Increase your company's privacy compliance, reduce risk while saving costs. Our Privacy Hub automatically collects and maintains the required information from your vendors to increase reputation and reduce risk of legal fines.

Strategic privacy
Privacy support

Reduce your
administrative workload

Get the GDPR information from your vendors with minimum effort. Our Privacy Hub automatically collects the information from your vendors and populates it into tangible insights and to speed up sales processes.

Stay in
full control

With Openli's Privacy Hub you get the vendor information without manual work. We supply the information for easy overview and risk analysis without losing control.

Privacy compliance

We help boost your ...

Privacy hub feature

... legal team

Increase privacy compliance, save resources, and mitigate risks.

Status feature

... legal operations

A single destination with updated GDPR info on your vendors.

Processing activities feature

... privacy & security

A digestible overview with risk analysis, but you stay in control.

Privacy hub feature

... startup's privacy

Less manual work = you can stay focused on growing your business.


Know who you're dealing with

Openli Privacy Hub gives you the insights you need into your vendors' privacy efforts. 

Privacy hub

Grow your team through privacy

The Privacy hub gives you an overview of all your vendors and their GDPR and security efforts. It enables you to gather all contracts, documents and assessments about vendors so you can save time and close deals faster.

Manage your vendors

Build your Privacy Profile and share it with prospects and other stakeholders to build conviction that you have GDPR and privacy in order and close deals faster.

Privacy profile

Keep your Data Processing Agreement and other GDPR and privacy documents up to date automatically based on the vendors and services you are using to run your business.

Automated documents

It can be challenging to identify if the vendors and services you are looking to use have their privacy and security in order. Use Openli's explore feature to vet your vendors quickly and easily.

Slack privacy profile

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