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Openli automates the process of vetting and managing your vendors. We do the work. Scale your privacy and vendor management efforts while saving time and increasing quality.

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Getting on top of GDPR

We gather all documentation from your vendors; you enjoy the benefits. In the privacy hub, you can find up-to-date information about your vendors’ GDPR efforts, DPA, SCCs, TIAs and much more.

Save time and resources

Continuous control of your data processor is a very time consuming task. Let us do the hard work, so you can focus on the important tasks.

Easy vendor management

In the privacy hub, you get a full overview of all your vendors. You can upload all legal documents, assign internal business owners, create risk scores of your vendors and see which departments are using the different vendors.

Scaling your legal operation & privacy efforts

We automate the entire process of vetting vendors and scale your legal operational & privacy efforts. You just add the vendors you are using, and then we take over.

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Easy, seamless compliance

Manage all your vendors privacy information with

Privacy Hub

Compliance journey

The Privacy hub gives you an overview of all your vendors and their GDPR and security efforts. It enables you to gather all contracts, documents and assessments about vendors so you can save time and close deals faster.

Shorten your sales cycles with

Privacy Profile Reports

Compliance journey

Build your Privacy Profile and share it with prospects and other stakeholders to build conviction that you have GDPR and privacy in order and close deals faster.

Keep your GDPR documents up to date with

Automated Documents

Compliance journey

Keep your Data Processing Agreement and other GDPR and privacy documents up to date automatically based on the vendors and services you are using to run your business.

Find GDPR and security information about your vendors with

Vendor Explore

Compliance journey

It can be challenging to identify if the vendors and services you are looking to use have their privacy and security in order. Use Openli's explore feature to vet your vendors quickly and easily.

Meet some of our happy customers

Nico Blier-Silvestri / CEO at Platypus

Lars Grønnegard / CEO at Dreamdata

Erlend Brekke / Legal Counsel at Contractbook

Privacy & vendor management on autopilot

Put your privacy and GDPR effort on autopilot. Get Openli to collect and maintain all privacy information about your vendors so you don't have to.

Add your vendors

You add your vendors and services to your vendor library with just a few clicks.

We contact them

Our team of Privacy Success managers contacts your vendors and collects their privacy information.

Build their profiles

We create an easy-to-digest privacy profile for each vendor or service with all the information we’ve collected.

You review them

You review the profiles guided by us and add your own personal notes, comments, and documents.

Stay updated

We review and update all profiles every 6 months, so you know the information you’re looking at is accurate.

Explore the privacy profiles of over 100.000+ vendors and services on Openli