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Increase privacy compliance

Increase your company's privacy compliance, reduce risk while saving costs. Our Privacy Hub automatically collects and maintains the required information from your vendors to increase reputation and reduce risk of legal fines.

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Used by hundreds of GCs, VPs and Directors of Legal in companies like:

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Vendor vetting

Control of GDPR

Get ease of mind

We get you the vendor information you need, while we lessen risks by putting your day-to-day tasks on cruise control. No more lack of control.

Less time spent on admin

Reduce workload

Do you know how much time your team spends reaching out to and vetting vendors? Not to mention keeping them updated and properly cataloged.

With our Privacy Hub, they'll never have to do that again, freeing up time for your team to use on high-value tasks. 

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"As the General Counsel, it means that I can sleep well at night, knowing that we have this overview and these processes in place.”

Meet Anders, the SVP and GC at Adform. He and his team run a tight ship in their legal operations, always looking for ways to improve quality and decrease admin.

Anders P. Andersen

Anders P. Andersen
Senior VP and General Counsel

Good reputation

Reduce privacy risks

When Legal has everything privacy-related in one place, responding to internal and external requests becomes a breeze.
Build trust, share your privacy efforts easily, and help Sales close deals faster with your one-stop documentation destination. 

Customer privacy requests
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"Openli streamlines the task of reliably collecting, organising, reviewing, and storing the right documentation per vendor. Without the Openli solution we'd be exposed to a significant drain on our team's resources."

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Michael Bookser, Director of Legal

Data processors

Full vendor overview

A single source of truth

Know what there is to know about your vendors with a reliable and intuitive overview. The services you use are already on our platform, and we keep them and their privacy efforts updated at all times.

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