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No more concerns about GDPR

With Openli’s Privacy Hub you get the GDPR required information you need from your vendors. With a minimum of investment so you can stay focused on growing your business. Get the peace of mind you need.

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Get in control of GDPR

Improved privacy management

Make GDPR easy to understand with Openli’s Privacy Hub and avoid endless time consumption and invoices to external consultancy. We get the GDPR required information from your vendors, so you can get control and peace of mind.

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Reduced manual work

We do the work. You focus on your business. Get started in 15 minutes simply by adding your vendors into the platform. After that, work is on us. No heavy implementation and engineering time needed.

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"Since implementing Openli, we've been able to focus on growing our business without worrying about data privacy."

Being a fairly small team, Lars owns compliance and privacy internally; "At one end, we are a growth-stage company, so fundraising is important for us. And at the other end, I handle a lot of work related to privacy and the legal side of the business."

Anders P. Andersen

Lars Grønnegaard,

Full overview of each vendor

Easy to use platform

Privacy compliance can be very complex and time-consuming without a dedicated legal team. But it doesn’t have to be. The Privacy Hub is built by privacy experts for non-privacy users. It is as simple as it gets for everyone to use and understand.

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"It comes down to one word - trust. That is where Openli and the privacy hub really helps us, because it enables us not only to claim that we take care of our customers personal information, but we actually do it."

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Kasper Aavild Haysen, Head of Finance

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Close deals faster

Closing deals in a young and growing business is everyone's job. There can be a lot of barriers, but with Openli’s Privacy Hub, privacy compliance is not one of them. Get the information you need in your sales process to close deals faster.

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