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"It's been an invaluable tool for us"

Group General Counsel & Head of Legal

Steen Fabricius Dahl


Group General Counsel & Head of Legal

Streamlined privacy management

Better tracking & documentation

Compliance with regulations

Trailblazing: Inside Risika's privacy success

Risika is a FinTech company from Denmark that is breaking new ground when it comes to credit rating and risk assessment.

In this Customer Conversation, you’ll meet Steen Fabricius Dahlin, Risika’s Group General Counsel and Head of Legal. As Risika expands its reach throughout the Nordics and the EU, it’s Steen’s job to make sure that Legal and compliance efforts are made to pave that road. As Steen states; "it's a big desk, but it's fun,"

Find out how Risika is using Openli Privacy Hub to elevate their privacy compliance efforts, as well as cutting down on monotonous admin tasks.

"My job is to make sure that we're always sailing smoothly and in compliance with relevant regulations"

Group General Counsel & Head of Legal
Steen Fabricius Dahl
Group General Counsel & Head of Legal
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  • Risika is a Danish-founded FinTech company
  • Product: The Risika platform helps B2B companies with credit rating and debt collection
  • 60+ employees
  • Based in Copenhagen

The limitations of spreadsheets

Prior to Risika onboarding Openli, the company relied on spreadsheets to keep track of and document privacy issues. This time-consuming method made it difficult to communicate and document between departments. Not to mention the lack of a clear and comprehensive overview of their privacy-related matters.

Enter Steen. As a seasoned attorney and in-house Legal, he's no stranger to the many manual processes in use by most legal teams. When Steen joined Risika, however, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that Risika had already started using Openli Privacy Hub.

"I had worked with Openli before and was thrilled to see it already in place at Risika," Steen explains.


"It's such a huge improvement over spreadsheets – it's easier to communicate and document privacy issues between departments, and it provides a comprehensive overview of all privacy-related matters."

Group General Counsel & Head of Legal
Steen Fabricius Dahl
Group General Counsel & Head of Legal

Breakthrough privacy compliance

After using Openli, Risika has improved the efficiency and organization of privacy management, made it easier to track and document website and sales activities, and improved compliance with regulations.

"It helps me stay on top of things and take quick action when needed," Steen says. In addition to streamlining privacy management, Steen has also found that Openli has made a significant impact on Risika's sales processes, which are almost entirely digital. "We use a lot of cookies for various purposes, and Openli has made it much easier to track and document these activities," Steen explains.

All in all, Steen is highly satisfied with the benefits that Openli has brought to Risika. "It's been an invaluable tool for us, helping us stay organized and compliant. I'm really glad we have it on board."

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