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"It's just a huge time-saver!"

Senior VP and General Counsel

Anders P. Andersen


Senior VP and General Counsel

Reduced manual work

Clear vendor overview

Increased privacy compliance

A matter of overview

Adform is a Danish-founded Adtech company. With 29 offices around the world, Adform is a major player in global marketing. As such they sit on a lot of data that needs to be collected, stored, and kept up to date - by the book, naturally.

In this conversation, you’ll meet Anders, the SVP and General Counsel of Adform. Anders and his team run a tight ship in their legal operations, always looking for ways to improve quality and decrease time spent on admin.

Read on to find out how Adform used Openli Privacy Hub to gain the vendor overview they’ve been missing.

"While we're not that well-known, Adform is actually quite a large enterprise"

Senior VP and General Counsel
Anders P. Andersen
Senior VP and General Counsel
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  • Danish-founded marketing enterprise
  • Product: among others, Adform Flow. An award-winning cross-media solution for marketers
  • 650+ employees worldwide
  • 29 global offices

Lots of data = lots of admin work

When you’re dealing with a lot of data, the ability to find the exact information you need - fast - becomes paramount. And as Anders states; “Data is our bread and butter.”

Adform is at a place where they have the legal bandwidth for effective processes, and they're always looking to improve. Nonetheless, a clear overview of their data processors was still missing - something that consumed a lot of time for the in-house legal team to navigate. 

Until they started using Openli Privacy Hub.


"As the General Counsel, it means that I can sleep well at night, knowing that we have this overview and these processes in place.”

Senior VP and General Counsel
Anders P. Andersen
Senior VP and General Counsel

Vendor management on cruise control. Information at your fingertips.

After Adform started working with Openli, their data processor-overview has improved drastically. “First and foremost, it has saved us time”, Anders explains.

By automating their vendor management and collecting all relevant information continuously, Adform’s legal team now has the time to focus on more high-value tasks; “For that, Openli is a great, great tool.” 

It also means that Anders feels more secure, should an authority come by to check up on their privacy efforts. 

Ready for a huge time-saver like Adform?

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