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Nøie’s journey to compliance began with Openli

A free compliance check, helped Nøie to improve the way they collect and store consents to become more compliant.

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“Openli has helped make sure that we are compliant in the way that we collect consents and making sure that we have the right documentation in order. This is a huge help for us, as we are collecting personal data, and need to have these measures in order.”

Chris Christiansen
Co-founder at Nøie


At Nøie, an e-commerce business launched in October 2019, they make customised skin care products for people with problematic skin based on data. Customers build a unique skin profile, by answering questions about lifestyle, health and skin condition. Using the answers provided, a computer algorithm matches the customers with the perfect skin care for their needs.

The data they collect in order to do this is classified as special category data, also known as sensitive personal data. There are specific requirements for the way this type of personal information is collected, and processed. On top of this they have a digital presence in multiple countries, which means there are specific requirements to consider for each country as well.

By documenting and storing consents given to collect sensitive personal information, in Openli, they have minimised the risk of fines from data authorities.


The benefits of using Openli

Proof of consent is fundamental

Consumers data is central to the business model, making proof of given consent fundamental to company valuation.

One solution across multiple markets

All the consent rules around the world are mapped out in one solution.

Future-proof documentation

With the Audit Trail, Nøie’s consents are documented safely.

Become compliant with Openli

Openli's consent collection widget and audit trail takes your worries away and collect compliant consents no matter where your users are in the world.

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