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Head of Legal

Helena Brandt


Head of Legal

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Looking to conquer Europe

Meet Helena Brandt, Head of Legal at Adway.

Adway is a social recruitment marketing platform that helps companies connect with job seekers and improve their employer brand. With offices in Sweden, the UK, and throughout Europe, Adway is quickly expanding and actively “looking to conquer the continent,” as Helena says. Which means that Helena and her team have their hands full.

Read on to learn how Adway used Openli Privacy Hub to scale their legal efforts and organization-wide workflows at a running pace.

"We did it the same way as many do with Excel sheets over and over, and it was taking so much time."

Head of Legal
Helena Brandt
Head of Legal
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  • Swedish-founded Talent Acquisition company
  • Product: Adway makes social recruitment simpler and smarter
  • 100+ employees worldwide
  • Headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden

Not enough time and too many spreadsheets

As you can imagine, a business moving fast and hard needs a well-oiled Legal engine.

Managing legal and privacy compliance for a growing company - a company with a lot of personal and sensitive information - is hard work. And it includes a lot of administrative day-to-day tasks.

Before implementing Openli Privacy Hub, Adway struggled to keep track of its privacy efforts, relying on Excel sheets and disorganised folders. It was time-consuming and "it often got a bit messy," as Helena states.


"We have a much better overview and it's much more structured. We have everything in one place, and we get a lot of assistance with keeping track of any new DPAs and such"

Head of Legal
Helena Brandt
Head of Legal

Enter Openli

Using Openli Privacy Hub, Adway has been able to streamline its privacy efforts and gain a better overview of its vendors. Additionally, Openli has also made it easier to assign vendors to different team members; "I think Openli really helped us there, moving into putting responsibility where it should be within the company," Helena explains.

The benefits are also felt in the grand scheme of things. Since the Privacy Hub gathers all relevant information in one location, Adway can now quickly export reports and provide necessary information to investors and customers. Scaling their legal team alongside the business.

"It's been really easy for us to just export a report, hand it over and we can use it as an attachment to any DPA and such," Helena points out.

Overall, Helena believes that using Openli has made a noticeable impact on Adway's daily operations and has helped the company grow and thrive.

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