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"Openli removes the administrative burden straight off the bat"

General Counsel

Ammier Sarhan


General Counsel

Reduced manual work

Reduced external costs

Improved workflows

Moving fast requires flexible tools

Meet Ammier Sarhan, Aize's first General Counsel. Being the head of a small legal team in a fast-growing SaaS company, Ammier spends a lot of his day building scalable frameworks and workflows to build upon. He is in fact "building that legal department," as he says.

And for that you need tools without a high learning curve that everyone can get behind.

Read on to find out how Aize uses Openli Privacy Hub to scale their legal operations.

"Privacy had always been a very manual process for us. With Excel sheets, folders, and mapping processes."

General Counsel
Ammier Sarhan
General Counsel
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  • Norwegian-founded SaaS company
  • Product: Aize Workspace, lets you visualise, collaborate, and work on heavy assets digitally
  • 200+ employees
  • Offices in Norway, UK and US

Expensive and manual privacy

Before Aize started using Openli Privacy Hub, a lot of their privacy efforts were outsourced out of necessity. "Moving fast and hard," as Ammier puts it, makes the team constantly look for ways of working more efficiently. However, even with outreach and vetting outsourced, Aize still found themselves doing a lot of the legwork. At a high cost, too.


"We settled on Openli after comparing with other tools where the learning curve is extremely high,"

General Counsel
Ammier Sarhan
General Counsel

A flexible solution

Since Aize started using Openli, their hands-on privacy work has been reduced significantly. By automating their vendor management, costs have gone down and quality has gone up. But Aize actually uses The Privacy Hub creatively in their risk profiling, too; “A lot of information goes into The Privacy Hub. Once you’ve established that baseline, most of the work is done."

And it's true. By having all information stored in one easily accessible and secure location, you speed up workflows in more than just your privacy program.

Ammier puts it this way; "It's certainly made my life easier,"

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