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“We've saved a lot of time and resources“

Vice President of Operations

Edwin Holst


Vice President of Operations

Less manual work

Privacy program implemented

Increased privacy compliance

From manual to automatic admin

Likvido is a Danish-founded fintech company that removes the headaches of collecting customer payments. Like us, Likvido frees up time for its customers by letting them focus on what matters to their business.

But the work involved in manually managing their privacy program was essentially unrealistic for the busy startup.

Learn from Vice President Edwin Holst how Likvido scaled their privacy efforts with Openli, letting them spend their time on what matters to their business, too.

"A lot of the things we did back then were quite manual"

Vice President of Operations
Edwin Holst
Vice President of Operations
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  • Danish-founded Fintech company
  • Product: Likvido automates your invoice-to-cash processes
  • 40 employees
  • Offices in London and Copenhagen

Being compliant is hard work

Before using Openli, Likvido didn't work strategically with privacy. The high financial impacts associated with it, and the pace at which the company moves, meant that Likvido just didn't get around to doing it.

Creating DPA’s, reviewing data processors, keeping vendors updated, all of the things needed to keep the platform compliant. Being a relatively small startup, it was quite a stretch for the team to make sure that their privacy efforts were up to par.


"Compliance is quite close to my heart, so it’s been painful seeing this area let go"

Vice President of Operations
Edwin Holst
Vice President of Operations

Now on autopilot

Ever since Likvido started using The Privacy Hub, their privacy program has taken off.

"Most of our efforts are on autopilot now," Edwin says; "I just check in every once in a while."

of Likvido now has their data processors managed by Openli, freeing up a lot valuable time for the startup. To boot, all privacy-related information is kept safe in one destination - making it much faster for the person in charge to respond to requests.

"I would recommend Openli to any company that values privacy, whether they have a dedicated team or not.", Edwin finishes.

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