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Let us help your customers to become and stay compliant

Together with our partners, we’re guiding companies on the road to compliance. We believe in working together with agencies, law firms, tech companies and consultants and would love to hear from you.

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Our partners

We work together with agencies, law firms, tech companies and consultants.

Why should you become an Openli partner?

We are a company that cares about our customers and partners. We build trust and long term partnerships with agencies and partners who’re interested in providing their clients with solutions - that build trust.

As part of our partner programme, we provide you and your clients with dedicated support so we can help you and your customers on their compliance journey.

What will you get as Openli partner?

Advanced support and training
You will have access to priority support and you can reach us at any time. Also, we provide training for you as our partner both in regards to our product and also in regards to the compliance space.
Referral discount for your clients & customers
Refer your client to us at a discounted price.
Logo and exposure
We’ll add you company name and logo on our dedicated partner-page and expose you to our lovely, world-wide audience.
Potential for additional collaboration
We believe in collaboration and giving our customers insights into the best compliance & tech solutions in the market. We therefore often do webinars, events and other types of collaborations with our partners.

Our different partners

  • Law firms

    Our compliance solutions are built and maintained in partnership with leading law firms around the world. We also work closely with law firms, lawyers and legal consultants so that our customers can have easy access to great legal advice.

  • Agencies

    We work with agencies that manage and implement cookie & consent solutions directly on their clients’ websites and we provide our partner agencies with all the necessary tools and knowledge to be successful.

  • GDPR companies and consultants

    There are many great GDPR software companies and consultants and we partner with them so our customers have access to the best compliance software in the market.

  • Tech partners

    We also collaborate with tech companies who build Openli's consent and compliance solutions into their products.

Manage all accounts in one dashboard

Invite, upgrade and manage all client accounts in one convenient dashboard. Create new accounts with only a few clicks and generate a personalized discount.

  • Dashboard all in one

    Manage all client accounts from one platform.

  • Easy to use and upgrade

    Invite new users and upgrade existing accounts with ease.

  • Options to manage

    Decide whether you or your client sets up and manages the account with our help.

  • Options to pay

    Choose whether you or your client pays for the service.

Cookie solution

Offer your clients a cookie solution they can rely on and don’t have to worry about. Generate customized cookie policies and cookie pop-ups that mirror your clients’ brands.

  • Cookie Pop-up

    Create tailored cookie pop-ups that fit your clients’ brand and ensure they collect the right consent at all times.

  • Cookie Policy

    Generate personalized cookie policies that send the right message to all stakeholders.

  • Stay compliant

    Build trust toward your customers and ensure they stay compliant.

Website Compliance

Collecting the right consent is a legal requirement, both according to the GDPR, ePrivacy, and the marketing rules, and it’s a way to protect you and your business.

  • Cookie, email & universal consent

    Secure the right consent for cookies, email marketing, and other required legal documents is collected.

  • Tailored policies

    Generate tailored policies that reflect the brand a can be embedded on any website.

  • Audit Trail

    Automatically build clients’ audit trails and integrate them into the existing tech stack as easily as putting things in the closet.