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Miinto: Having all GDPR information in one place

Miinto is a customer-centric fashion platform, where users can find the best selection of premium, luxury and hand-picked local brands, specially curated to each individual user’s tastes and needs.


Miinto is using the Privacy Hub and enjoying its benefits, including easy vendor vetting. In the words of Debbie Lee-Sørensen the Project Manager of Operations:

"We are impressed by the extent of information in Openli's Vendor Portal. It is reassuring to have a complete overview of our vendors and their GDPR compliance efforts all in one place."

Miinto was founded in 2009 as a way to get hold of brands and styles that they couldn’t get in small towns in Denmark. And that simple idea, to connect fashion conscious consumers with the world’s best boutiques, has remained central to Miinto ever since.

What does Openli do to help Miinto?

Openli helps them to get better control of GDPR. We automate the process of vetting vendors and subprocessors, build their privacy documents and Privacy Profile so they can close deals faster.

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