Beautiful, simple cookie solution

Collect consents with our cookie pop-up to build trust and show your customers that you respect their privacy.

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Become and stay GDPR and ePrivacy compliant

Our cookie consent solution is built and kept up to date in partnership with leading law firms.

Compliance on autopilot

Solve your GDPR and ePrivacy cookie compliance challenges easily with our automated cookie pop-up and policy generator.

Compliant cookie pop-up

A cookie widget that stays compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Automated cookie policy

Get more than a static document. Our cookie policy auto-updates when new cookies are added to your website, and stays compliant when the law changes.

Legal framework

The cookie laws vary from country to country, so we built a legal framework that adapts the consent widget text to ensure compliance.

Language cookie popups

Build trust and show that you care

Grow trust while you grow your business with Openli’s cookie pop-up and privacy shield.

A cookie solution built to align with good data ethics

Good data ethics is gaining momentum and is becoming the next competitive advantage. Build trust to build revenue.

First impressions matter

Cookie pop-ups are the first thing you see on a website. Respect your customers privacy rights to give a good impression.

Your shield of trust

Show to your customers that you care about their privacy with our privacy shield, where they can easily see and manage their consents and how you protect them.

Privacy controls

Give your users an easy way to toggle cookies on and off and provide them with the option of accepting or rejecting cookies by purpose.

Respect tracking preferences

Very privacy aware customers often have "Do Not Track" turned on in their browser. With Openli your customers’ privacy settings are always respected.

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Audit trail

Prove your cookie consents

We make sure you can prove that you have collected the right consent in accordance with the GDPR, ePrivacy directive and local interpretations of the law.

Consent evidence

We collect more than 25 data points per cookie consent to ensure evidence that you can easily access via the dashboard.

Consent Audit Trail

With our Audit Trail you get an easy overview of your consents and also have access to each individual consent collected and the data points.

Compliance made elegant

A cookie solution designed to fit your brand and built with the user in mind.

Tailored to your brand

Add value to your customer experience and tailor the cookie pop-up to your website’s design.

Customisation & Styling

Choose from different pop-up options, and decide where, when, and how you want to collect cookie consent. Style your cookie pop-up to match your brand, and make it feel like a natural object on your website.

Popup design
Cookie popup

The compliant cookie wall

Our compliant cookie wall lives up to the GDPR and ePrivacy requirements. We have ensured the pop-up is the main focus, while still maintaining your customers’ privacy rights.

Make your customers aware of their choices

We make it easy for your customers to understand and give their consent, without blocking access to your website.

The option to not consent

It needs to be as easy to say no, as it is to say yes. We make the option to reject tracking easily accessible, as it is a legal requirement, and shows your customers you care.

No shady UX tactics

To ensure your compliance, our designs don’t rely on shady ux tactics. Instead our solutions are transparent and make it clear to the user what is expected of them.

Easily identify and block cookies

Identifying which cookies are on your website and categorising them is difficult. We make it easy.

Scan, categorise, and block cookies

We scan your website for cookies periodically, categorise any cookies found in a scan, and block them from tracking website visitors until consent has been given.

Automatic cookie categorisation

Our tool will automatically categorise cookies from different providers like LinkedIn and Google, saving you time. Cookies can also be added manually through our easy to use interface.

Google Tag Manager

Easy integration with Google Tag Manager, block all cookies and tracking easily until a user has given their consent.

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